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Now receive your voicemail via email with either an MP3 or WAV audio attachment

March 30, 2010

For our Jott Voicemail customers, we added the option to get your voicemail transcription emailed to you with the audio attachment in the form of a WAV (uLaw) file.

We still recommend the MP3 file attachment for most users - it’s a smaller file with better audio quality. But, the WAV (uLaw) file is a great option for users who can’t play MP3s on their device, such as some BlackBerry users.

Change your attachment setting here:

Announcing the Jott Refer-a-Friend program and much more

October 26, 2009

Dear Jotters,

It’s been a while since the last update to the Jott service (over six months!), but last night we made up for it in a big way. This is an incredibly broad release for us, touching many different aspects of the service, and we think you’re going to be pleased.

Read on to learn about all of the great new features we added…

Jott Refer-a-Friend Program
The Refer-a-Friend program rewards you for getting your friends to sign-up for Jott. It’s something we’ve been meaning to do for a long time: since Jott’s growth has come from word of mouth, and this rewards what many of you have already been doing.

Simply invite your friends to join Jott – we make it really easy. We’ll give each of them a free month of service and, better yet, for each new friend that signs up you’ll receive reward credits towards Jott.

Start inviting your friends here:

For more information, read this FAQ.

Jott Assistant Product Improvements

Voicemail Snapshot
Voicemail Snapshot turns, well, a snapshot of your voicemail into text and sends it to you by email or text message. Best of all, it’s free for Jott Assistant customers.

Set up Voicemail Snapshot here:

Salesforce Lite Jott Link
On the heels of launching the popular Jott for Salesforce service, we’ve added a Salesforce Lite Jott Link that lets you update your to-do list w/ your voice. And, like Voicemail Snapshot, it’s free for Jott Assistant customers.

Add the Salesforce Lite link here:

Recurring Reminders
Setting reminders that repeat at daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly intervals has been one of the all-time most requested features – and now it’s available.

Recurring reminders are perfect for birthday, anniversary or weekly meeting reminders.

To set a daily or weekly recurring reminder, just call Jott (1-866-JOTT-123), say “Reminder” and say “every day” or “every Tuesday” when asked “Which day?”.

You can set a bi-weekly, monthly or annual recurring reminder online at Just choose your interval from the “Repeat?” drop-down when setting a reminder.

Set Reminders by Email or SMS (aka I Want Sandy features)
Like a lot of Jotters, we were disappointed when I Want Sandy closed her doors last year. So we’re very happy to add one her best features into Jott – setting reminders via email or text message.

To create a reminder to “Eat lots of turkey” on Thanksgiving, simply send an email to with the subject:

    Eat lots of turkey @ 11/26/2009 4:00PM

You can create the same reminder by texting the subject above to 40101 (the Jott short code).

For more information, read this FAQ.

Ping.FM Jott Link lets you update all of your social networks at once. And now, the Jott Link lets you update all of your social networks with your voice.

Add the link here:

Jott Voicemail Improvements

Voicemail 80 plan
For our avid Jott Voicemail customers who’ve been asking us for a larger voicemail plan, we added the Voicemail 80 plan which includes 80 voicemails per month.

Add the Voicemail 80 plan here:

Voicemail Call History
Your Jott Voicemail email notifications now include a summary of the last 3 voicemails you’ve received from a given caller. This is great if you forget exactly when you last heard from somebody, and makes it a snap to go back to check it out.

Link your Voicemail to Salesforce
For those professionals that essentially live in, you can now have your transcribed Jott voicemails automatically forwarded to your account. This is included in any Jott Voicemail package, and is a great way of staying on top of your communications.

To link your voicemail to Salesforce, just add the Salesforce Lite link and update your voicemail settings here:

Jott for iPhone Improvements

Jott for iPhone v3.0
In addition to working with the iPhone OS 3.0, version 3.0 of the Jott for iPhone app is 5x faster (thanks to audio streaming), has a streamlined recording process (1-click to start recording) and sports an improved user experience.

If you haven’t already done so, download the app here.

Anyway, that’s a ton of new stuff, and there is more on the way.

John, Shree and the whole Jott team

Jott for Salesforce launches

March 19, 2009

We’re excited to announce an amazing service that let’s you use your voice to directly update your Salesforce accounts and opportunities. Jott for Salesforce is insanely simple to set up and works seamlessly with the Salesforce workflow you have today: no downloading, upgrading, dragging, dropping, cutting, pasting, etc. It’s Jott, and thus works with any phone, and any carrier. It makes the time-consuming task of entering data into your CRM on the go as simple as making a phone call.

As usual, the voice experience on the phone doesn’t mess around: it gets you in and out as quickly as possible so you can get on with your life. If you want, there are easy shortcuts that speed things up even more. Oh, and the voice-to-text transcription is still the best there is. So give it a try today (we’re currently offering a month-long free trial for the service). Whether you’re happy living in Salesforce, or want to minimize your time with it, we think you’ll love this latest addition to the Jott family.

(You might notice that it is more expensive than other Jott services, so we want to get out in front and tell you why that is…)

In the last year, we’ve developed several custom voice-to-text input solutions (including CRM) and have a lot of experience in how they’re used. Because our solutions make complex and tedious inputs almost effortless, they get used a ton…and that makes them a little more expensive to deliver and support (the customer ROI is still amazing). The good news is that if you want to use both Jott Assistant Pro and Jott for Salesforce, you don’t have to buy both. That’s right: when you sign up for Jott for Salesforce, you get Jott Assistant Pro included for free.

If there’s functionality you’d like to see added, please let us know. There’s a LOT more on the way soon, so stay tuned.

Thanks all!

- The Jott Team

PS — If you’re interested in a custom integration for other applications, please let us know.

Jott for Outlook meets the iPhone App

October 30, 2008

Jott for iPhone Heart Jott for Outlook

If you have an iPhone and a premium Jott account, then this trick is for you…

You can add Outlooks tasks and create draft emails from your iPhone app!

Here’s what to do…

1) If you haven’t already, download the Jott for Outlook add-in.

2) You’ll see three lists appear on your Jott account, and on your iPhone app: Outlook Calendar, Outlook Tasks, Outlook Email Drafts.

3) From your iPhone app, open the Outlook list you’d like to add something to.

4) Tap the record screen and say your message.

5) Once the iPhone app syncs with your account, and your account syncs with your Outlook, the tasks and/or email drafts you created will appear in your Outlook.

A closer look at Jott for Outlook

October 1, 2008

Jott for Outlook

A new feature I haven’t written about yet is Jott for Outlook. In a nutshell, it lets you add appointments to your calendar, add items to your task list, and create email drafts… all by using Jott. If you have a premium account and haven’t given it a try, you can download it here, or watch the video below for a short demo of how it all works.

For a little more insight into this new application, I asked Dan (the application’s developer) if he wouldn’t mind sharing the thought process that went into developing Jott for Outlook. So, how do you go about developing an application at Jott? In his own words…

“Hmm, the quick version is that the features are targeted to give the most valuable things that our service can provide in the framework that Outlook provides to us. There is always more that any application can do (that’s what keeps all the millions of software application developers busy around the world). We felt the integration of our technology with Outlook would match with how people most want to use the the valuable service we provide.”

So, there are tons of options out there what can we expect for the future of Jott for Outlook? Dan says…

“We have limited resources being the start-up that we are, and we picked the biggest target we could for this that we thought we could do in a reasonable time-frame with the best results possible. We continue to try to improve our product quality and also look to the future with adding more and cooler features as time and resources permit.”

In other words, there is even more to come! As always, feel free to send your feedback and thoughts our way. Since there are endless possibilities about new ways we can integrate with Outlook, it’s very helpful to know exactly what it is that would work best for you!

Introducing the Facebook Jott Link

September 26, 2008

Just a quick post to let you all know that the much requested Facebook Jott Link is here! It’s available to everyone, regardless of your Jott plan, and does exactly what you all asked for - it updates your status using Jott. Add it your Jott account, give it a try, and let us know what you think.

Jott for iPhone

July 10, 2008

The day all you iPhone fans have been waiting for is almost here! Starting tomorrow the Apple App Store will be up and ready, which means you can go and download Jott for iPhone. Here’s a little preview of how it works…

Jott Feeds the Video

June 13, 2008

Introducing Jott Feeds

June 3, 2008

Today we are happy to announce a new addition to our mobile suite of features… Jott Feeds!

What the heck is it? Well, it’s a simple way of keeping up-to-date with your favorite blogs, Twitter and Facebook when you’re not at your computer… just by listening to them. Jott Feeds is like having a combination personal assistant and your very own news radio station… that you can control as easily as an iPod.

How do I start listening to feeds?

1) Call 866-JOTT-123, or your local Canadian number

2) When asked “Who do you want to Jott?” say “Jott Feeds”

3) When asked “Which feed?” reply with TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Mashable, SmartMoney, News or Weather (all of which have been added to your account already so you can give this a try right away).

4) Listen!

You can add lots of different blogs and sites to your account so you can listen to them. We created a library of sorts, so you can add commonly read sites, and set it up so you can easily enter your Twitter or Facebook information to get those updates too. Finally, we made it really easy to skip forward or go back in Jott Feeds using your phone’s keypad.

So now when you hop in the car on the way to work, put on that Bluetooth headset and have your stock quotes, Twitter updates, and news headlines all read to you. It’s a little bit like a radio station designed just for you.

How does it work?
We take the RSS feed from blogs and sites, convert it into audio using text-to-speech technology and send that audio to your phone.

Not sure what that means?
Have no fear, you’re not alone, and you actually don’t need to learn this new vocabulary to get the full effect of the feature, since we added all of this for you. But in case you’re curious… RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a feed is a constantly updated list, and RSS feeds really do mean just that- a constantly updated list of all your syndicated news sources.

What that means for you and me, is that RSS is an easy (they weren’t lying about the simple part) way to get updates from your favorite websites and new sources and Jott Feeds makes this simple even when away from your computer. Some feeds sound better than others of course, so feel free to experiment, and let us know what you think.

Add your own RSS
There are millions of different RSS feeds that are important to people, and we can’t list them all. So if there’s a feed you’d like to listen to that we don’t have listed as a Featured Feed, add your own feed by cutting and pasting the feed URL into your Jott account.

Jott Announces Cure for Terse Reply Syndrome

April 1, 2008


The Jott for BlackBerry application is back! Download it at and give your thumbs a break.

Terse Reply Syndrome (TRS) sufferers and victims no longer need to live in a world of acronyms and rude replies. This is just the cure you’ve been looking for. Find out more about TRS and the Jott for BlackBerry cure at

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