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What to do with that 1%

May 6, 2008

All over the blogosphere this morning are posts about Twitter’s 1% downtime. Many a blogger and microblogger (or at least this one), deemed this downtime as unacceptable- displaying weakness and vulnerability of product. This has got me thinking about why we consider that 1% loss of connectivity such a horrible thing. Admittedly even 1% of downtime might not be good for a company, but is that really why everyone is upset? Or could it be good sign that we are in need of some downtime?

Jott is all about encouraging a simpler pace of life. We’re not here so you can just send more messages to web sites (Twitter, Google Calendar, Amazon) or other people, we want to offer a way that makes the process of staying in-touch easy and takes up less of your time. We hear so many stories from busy Moms and Dads trying juggle life and work, and from mobile professionals who need to offload their thoughts on a meeting so they don’t forget them. We really hope that what we bring to the table isn’t about 100% go-time for these people, but rather a way to quickly unload and go spend time doing other things.

This all brings me back to my original question of downtime being good. If we stopped thinking about 1% of downtime as a missed opportunity to communicate and started thinking about it as getting that time back, that leaves us with 14 extra minutes. In that time you could take a walk, or as the overwhelming consensus at the Jott office appears to be, take a nap.

So how about it… you’ve got 14 minutes now to do whatever it is you’d like, away from the computer and networking sites and cell phones- what would you do?


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  2. I wish I had 1%. I still can’t get everything done at 25%.

    Comment by Mario Bourque — May 7, 2008 @ 11:45 am

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