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May 1, 2008

This week in blog posts from Jotters:

Scott Brewer wrote

The Slow Lane wrote: Jott

Influential Interactive Marketing Blog wrote: Plse Forgiv Typoes- Jott Fights Terse Reply Syndrome Fun Links wrote Jott- Use your voice to schedule!

Alex Alexander wrote Jott Yourself

Chasing Change wrote Who would you like to Jott?

EasyChurchMedia wrote: The importance of staying up-to-date…

Live The Active Life: Planning Out My Century Ride

Palabras de Deb wrote: My new best friend

Eclettico wrote: Jott- Voice to Text

Dot Connector wrote: How to Never Forget Anything Again

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  1. One small thing that I would REALLY like in Jott and that would make me perfectly happy about paying the new fee- even without any new features- is that the daily email reminder doesn’t actually contain your Jotts- but contains a URL link to your Jotts- an extra step. This is different from Reqall, a pseudocompetitor, whose functionality I don’t like nearly as much BUT I love the way Reqall does its email reminders- a simple text list of all your todos. Any way to change this, or to give us an option of what our Jott email reminder looks like? Thanks!! I love Jott!

    Comment by Sara Cheng — January 14, 2009 @ 2:32 pm

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