Our reversible down jackets guide

One side 100% waterproof

Our reversible products all have a smooth 100% waterproof side to protect you from the rain.

This side is made of a waterproof material and sewn with heat-sealed sealing tapes to prevent water from passing through the seams.

In addition, the zips of the jacket are also selected to make the product waterproof; the aquaguards prevent water from passing between the teeth of the zip.

1 down jacket = 2 styles

The JOTT Reversible down jacket is not just a technical model, it is also a real fashion product that can be adapted to suit your mood!

2 fabrics

The reversible down jacket offers you a smooth, waterproof side with a waterproof style that will be perfect for rainy days.

Also enjoy a quilted side reminiscent of our signature down jackets and perfect for everyday wear.


2 lengths

And to give you even more options, these adult models are available in two different lengths: at hip height or under the buttocks.

Reversible heaters also offer several levels of heat

For the first time this year, the iconic reversible jackets are also available in cold weather! You can find our flagship models with even more filling to keep you even warmer!

Reversible down jackets
Our promess ?
A play of opposites, colours and materials that make it an essential for your winter!

Discover here our iconic range of reversible down jackets. A unique product with a singular functionality: a 100% waterproof side to protect you from the rain and 2 different sides to change your style and attitude!

New this season? Two levels of warmth available to protect even the coldest of people.

Enjoy the ride